Freshman members

Some members have more information available - just click on their photo or name

Laura Moss

Make-up Assistant

Vanessa B lanchard Lee

Makeup Artist/Hair and Wig Artist

Andrew Whiteoak

Make-up Artist and Hairdresser

Sarah Smerdon

Hair and Make-up Artist

Our Freshmen make excellent artists, assistants, trainees and dailies for film and television. Those with more solid experience may also head up lower-budget or smaller productions, or work as the crowd supervisor.

Collectively, our Freshmen have good experience in a variety of areas including special effects, wig work, airbrushing, period hairstyling, fashion and theatre, and some are qualified hairdressers.

Whether you are a designer looking for dailies or assistants, or a producer looking for hair and make-up crew, please contact us and we can put you in touch with members who have the right experience, aptitude and skills for the job.

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