Doing a make-up course does not make you a make-up artist! There is a career progression and it takes time to gain the right experience to progress.

After completing a foundation training course, you are a trainee. There is much for you to learn, not only about hair and make-up but about how a production works, set etiquette, continuity and so on - things that a course can only teach in theory.

After being a trainee, you progress to being an assistant and, after several years of solid experience, you may then be considered a make-up artist.

Being a film or television make-up designer takes many years of experience and NASMAH cannot stress this enough - simply doing a make-up course does not make you a designer!

You never stop learning and developing your skills and there are lots of "top up" short courses on a wide variety of subjects.

More Advice

Please see below for some more useful advice and tips for becoming a professional screen hair and make-up artist.

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