NASMAH is a professional, social and educational organisation.  We encourage the highest standards in the craft of media hair and make-up, and work hard to promote our members.

NASMAH was formed to maintain the high standards of artistry achieved in previous years and to promote the profile of hair and make-up professionals in the industry.  

In 2009, NASMAH was invited to join the Cine Guilds of Great Britain.

NASMAH and Cine Guilds

Cine Guilds brings together the highest quality of craft people in the British film industry and consists of eight member associations, each of which operates in a specific department in the film industry:

Film Editors


Sound Techs


Film Designers




Camera Team


Location Managers


Stunt Co-ordinators


Make-up and Hair


Cine Guilds is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest technical standards within the UK film industry. It enables the craft guilds to be heard with one united voice and works hard to promote the UK film industry.  

NASMAH is an active member of Cine Guilds; the Chairman regularly attends meetings and participates in discussion. News is published in the quarterly newsletters (only available to NASMAH members).

To maintain the high standards of artistry achieved over the past years;
To raise the member's profile within the screen make-up and hair industry;
To encourage and promote further training for its members and training generally throughout the industry;
To affiliate itself to other associations in order to further the advancement of its members;
To be non-political and nationwide. Please note: NASMAH is not a union.
NASMAH is a non-profit organisation and is funded by member subscriptions and sponsorships.

NASMAH is a non-profit organisation and is funded by member subscriptions and sponsorships.

NASMAH members are media make-up and hairdressing professionals  who fulfil the application criteria and pay an annual subscription fee - see the directory  for the current list of members. NASMAH has members at every level from new entrants to designers.

All new member applications are put before the committee and admitted on a majority vote.  All CVs will be checked - false claims or credits will result in expulsion.

Full Members are required to have worked in the industry for no less than 10 years, after having completed a basic training recognised by the association, and new applicants will require two current members to sponsor their application.

Members will elect a chairman, secretary, treasurer and committee at our Annual General Meeting every two years.

Members will always be expected to maintain a professional attitude.

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